Well. This is awkward… I guess you could say this was the sweetest thing Icecream has ever done for me.

As many of us, I’m sorry for not being active, school start soon and I’m veerryy busy. ;w; But thank you very much for follow me, you will not regret : D 127 assassins follow me, what a brotherhood!

Almost 100 followers already ! It’s crazy, thank you! 

I love icecream yeah … vanilla is my second favorite… 

And no I don’t love pistachio chocolate because it’s the color of Greencoat, n-no y-you’re lying !?! <///<

//trust me, I’m French haha 


Hope this answers your question. We are quite intimate though and do cuddle from time to time. When Axeman and Arno aren’t looking.

70 FOLLOWERS! Mannyy thanks! I reply to your questions when I can <3


I’ve lost count after 20..


You are all too sweet. But I wouldn’t Icecream to get jealous, would I? …Hmm.